Best Way To Use Home Beer Kits

posted on October 25, 2013 in Uncategorized’s Best Micro Brew Beers Delivered Monthly - 120x120 bannerOne of the biggest problems with home beer making is the smell, mess and the possibility of infection. Now, you can buy homebrew kits to help you brew with ease, with speed and using a method that is problem free and with very little smell.

Home beer making kits come with absolutely everything you will need to make the beer from an efficient sterilizing product to the malt extract and beyond. You even get fresh hops and grains but without the need for the messy part of straining. Everything is made in the special box and is completely enclosed. Don’t be misled by the ‘kits’ that don’t contain everything as these assume you have the container etc.

Buy a kit for someone as a gift and they’ll be making it (and drinking) in no time at all! It is a little more effort than just adding the water, but by following the really simple step-by-step instructions the brew will be ready quickly and totally enjoyable!

Once you’ve made the first box, you’ll want to try another so get one of the many quality beers to try as a replacement kit so you won’t need to buy the box again. As an example, the Irish Stout starter box makes 10 litres from your beer brew kit for just over £22 and you can get refills from around £10 for a further 10 litres.

One thing though, some of the different beers may require bottling after they have brewed. So if you can’t drink all 10 litres in one go, you may need to bottle some off!! Happy brewing with your homebrew kits friends!

Is It Cheaper To Home Brew Beer?

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Many people find beer interesting in a number of ways and this may lead to the thought of producing your own home brew beer. As to the question of the cost of home beer making, there are a couple of questions that must be answered first.

First of all, one would need to determine how often they will be making their beer brew. Chances are, if you are only planning to make very few batches, it will not be cheaper than buying beer from a store. The reason for this is due to the fact that there will be initial costs associated with brewing equipment. If you have determined that brewing will be a hobby and you will make multiple beer brews, then the next question would be to determine the cost of the beer you currently buy.

If you prefer high end/expensive brews, then it will probably be cheaper to make it yourself. Many brew kits make 5 gallons of beer at a time. This translates to about fifty 12 ounce beers. Prices for the ingredients alone usually start around 25 or 30 dollars. This makes the cost of each beer at least 50 cents.

The other costs associated with home brewing beer are the brewing equipment, bottles, and the type of beer. The equipment will generally cost 100+ dollars, but can be reused with each batch. Reusing bottles can also help keep cost down. Some types of beer also require keeping the temperature very cool while it ferments. For those who live in warm climates this could add more expense for cooling, etc.

A further option in deciding whether to home brew beer for yourself is to begin with a home beer making kit. As you don’t have the expense of all the equipment you would need if starting from scratch it’s a good way to try it out.

Overall, if you plan to make multiple batches a year, home beer making is an excellent option for avid beer drinkers.

How Do I Choose A Home Brew Beer Kit?

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It is easy to buy a beer from a shop rather than brewing beer at home. But with different the brew beer kit available in the market the task has become easier and it is funnier as well.

There are variety of kits available to satisfy your needs of 6-7 bottles to 40 bottles of home brew beers. Choose a kit that comes in your buget. Some home brew kits can be very expensive when compared to simpler kits.

A deluxe home brew beer kit will have more components, such as scale and measuring cups, but may not be necessary for your own brewing. Select a less-expensive kit to start. Supplement your kit with a kit for your own malts. Malts is the main component of brewing beer but it can be done independently of specific brew.

Another important requirement is the recipe of the beer. So always buy a kit that comes with selection of receipes. This way, you experiment with different beers to match your taste and can choose from it. One of the well known brands are the Mr Beer brewing kits which are easily available and simple to use.

So give it a try and all the best!!!


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